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I am an Internal Health Coach who specializes in helping you Lower Your Biological Age & add 10, 20, 30 Years to your life

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Lose & Remove Unwanted Fat Forever!

You don’t lose weight to become healthy, but when you become healthy, you lose the weight …

Lower Your Biological Age & add 10, 20, 30, Years to your Life…

With Lecia Bianca Wellness you become the person in your mind! Once creating a new mindset, you will understand, and learn that your β€œHealth” begins, and ends at the cellular level.

How chronological age is a myth, and time is made up. What we don’t understand is our internal age is 10, 20, 30 years greater then our birth date. The cause is do to our cellular renewal process has stopped! When you begin to understand that the body only recognizes biological aging, your mind set will begin to change. Learning to restore, rebuild, and renew your cellar function will lower your age internally, while adding longevity, and youthfulness…

Once you begin removing unwanted waste, fat, and toxins which are the reasons for any disease, and why your body is malfunctioning. This will lower your blood pressure, reverse diabetes, and begin to rebuild, renew, and restore your cellular function, which starts the healing process…

Now your body will stop malfunctioning, and your results will be life changing…
Discover your journey, and what it feels like to say my life is just beginning!

If you’re anything like me your transformation, will bring new energy. The world will then open to endless possibilities. Nothing is more exhilarating than waking up every day feeling brand new!

Make the change today to give yourself more Life, Joy, and Happiness!!!

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Know Your Power & Win 🌟

Is definitely one of the most enlightening, and life changing e-books you’ll ever read.
It holds the truth about how we age, and why we’re so defeated when it comes to our health.

Open your mind, and rid it of the scary thoughts surrounding β€œHealth” and aging.

All your answers to lowering that internal, and biological age is now here!
Gain back those 10, 20, 30 years that your cells has lost!

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I lost 55 lbs!
My kidney numbers dropped! Thank you Coach Lecia for being my accountability partner.

Hunter Hayes

"Lecia Bianca is an INCREDIBLE Wellness Coach!"
Thanks to her I now understand the importance of connecting my mind with my body and I am forever grateful for my "New Life"!

Alaizha Monae'

"Lecia has been coaching me on my health journey for 2 years. I was having some health difficulty and today I can say "NO MORE"! I have lost weight, I sleep better and feel GREAT on a daily basis. I recommend that everyone at least sign up for the Free Health Assessment."

Pam Cook

"Lecia is very passionate about Healthcare! Her passion and keen knowledge shines
with a genuine radiance of competence."

Maurice Calhoun




    Take control of your overall health and well-being by reversing the aging process from within.

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